EBF Open Symposium
EBF Barcelona
EBF 8th Open Meeting
Into New Territories - Explore, Learn and Apply
Hesperia Tower Conference Centre
Barcelona, Spain
November 17, 2015
November 18-20, 2015
Open Symposium


For this year’s symposium, we identified 5 major themes which should inspire you to explore, learn and apply. For each theme the sub bullets suggest possible session topics. In the spirit of a true Forum, we will build the final agenda reflecting your interest, contributions and engagement. Submission will define how some session topics make it into a plenary, a breakout session or a spotlight workshop.

  1. Using LC-MS and LBA in synergy
    • Is there a true concentration value in peptide/protein bioanalysis?
    • Challenging bioanalytical applications of peptides, proteins, ADC, oligonucleotides…
  2. Into New Territories – technology
    • Advancements in LBA technology
    • Microsampling – where are we today?
    • Advancements in sample preparation, including immunocapture, novel devices,…
    • Advancements in LC and/or MS technologies
    • Analytical challenges with new therapies
    • The e-environment
  3. Into New Territories – regulations and emerging markets
    • Bioanalysis in and for emerging markets
    • Regulatory challenges with new therapies
    • Enhancing performance of the CRO-Pharma interface, incl. follow-up of EBF Workshop.
    • An update on global regulations
  4. Biomarkers – suggested session topics:
    • Clinical analyzers, incl. changing of analytical platforms
    • Validation requirements for biomarkers (general, including flow cytometry, q-PCR…)
    • Technology platforms for ultra-sensitive biomarker assays
    • Dealing with biomarkers which are clinical endpoints
  5. What keeps you busy on a daily basis?
    • Bringing regulations into practice (e.g. GLP/nonGLP, scientific vs. regulatory validation)
    • Dealing with analytical surprises in phase 3? (assay problems in the BA laboratory, logistics, informed consent, MCT,…)
    • Assay performance
    • The challenges of data handling (internal and across departments / laboratories / organizations)


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